Motorcycle Safety Program

Basic Rider Training

This 20 hour program is designed to help prepare you to ride a motorcycle/scooter in a traffic environment. The course will help you develop control skills and riding techniques adequate for the demands of urban traffic. It will allow you to become aware of your own limitations in skill, knowledge and physical abilities relative to the demands of motorcycling. The Basic Rider Training course will help you to develop an understanding of the hazards and problems which motorcyclists and scooter riders face and how to deal with them. The Saskatchewan Safety Council provides motorcycles for you to learn on. (See note below regarding Scooter Training) Our instructors are highly experienced riders and qualified trainers in motorcycle/scooter safety. The course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you require to pass the motorcycle/scooter road test and become an expert rider.

Topics include:

•Pre-ride check

•Mounting & dismounting

•Riding position

•Cold & warm starting

•Shoulder checking & eye movement

•Starting & stopping

•Slow speed manoeuvers

•Gear shifting

•Urban riding tactics

•Traffic simulation

•Higher speed manoeuvres

•Emergency manoeuvres

•Final skills test – MOST (Motorcycle Operators Skill Test)

Mandatory Equipment for ALL Students:

•An approved helmet (DOT, Snell, CSA, ANSI, ECE)

•Over the ankle boots (hiking boots, work boots, motorcycle boots – high-top runners are not allowed)

•Safety glasses, goggles or face shield

•Motorcycle jacket or other heavy weight jean or leather jacket

•Full length pants or motorcycle pants and/or chaps

•Full finger, tight fitting leather gloves

•Rain jacket and pants (optional, but highly recommended)

*Tip: If you are not already riding, we suggest borrowing riding gear and wait until after completing the course before making expensive purchases. Tips on what to buy will be given at the course.

Length: 20 hours