Load Securement

This course is to instruct students who are responsible for tying down or securing heavy loads and/or heavy equipment on trailers.

Classroom Topics:

•The Importance of Proper Securement

•General Cargo Securement Requirements

•Guiding Principle of Public Safety

•How Cargo Must Be Contained, Immobilized Or Secured

•Consequences of Improperly Secured Loads Activity

•Elements of A Securement System

•Requirements For Containing, Immobilizing, And Securing Cargo

•Working Load Limits & Default Working Load Limits For Unmarked Tie-Downs

•Identifying Working Load Limit of An Unmarked Securing Device

•Calculating Aggregate Working Load Limits For Tie-Downs Attached To The Cargo

•How To Inspect Securement Systems

•Determining If Cargo Is Secured Properly

•Securement Requirements For Heavy Vehicles, Equipment And Machinery

•Principles For Securing Heavy Vehicles, Equipment And Machinery

Field/Hand-on Activities:

•How To Inspect Chains

•Securing Devices

•Inspection & Verification

•Vehicle Placement on Trailer

•Proper Weight & Attachment Distribution

•Mid-Trip Inspections

•Heights & Clearances

•Cargo Securement